Frequently Asked Questions about Owebia-Shipping

How to manually install the extension ?

Download the last version of the extension.
Uncompress the archive and place the files and directories :

  • en_US/ and fr_FR/ in app/locale/
  • js/owebia/ in js/
  • modules/Owebia_Shipping2.xml in app/etc/modules/
  • Owebia/ in app/code/community/

How to completely uninstall the extension ?

After having uninstalled the extension in Magento Connect Manager, some references remain in the database.
To solve this problem, you must execute the following MySQL query :

DELETE FROM `core_config_data` WHERE `path` LIKE 'carriers/owebiashipping_/%'

Can I use the source code of the extension to make another extension ?

Yes, you can use the source code of Owebia-Shipping as long as the license of the source code is respected.

Mention the usage of Owebia-Shipping's source code is always appreciated.